Music: King AD ft Sirwilker Jackson – UNEK AKWA IBOM

King AD joins the host of all well meaning Akwa Ibom Citizens and Africans to Celebrate Akwa Ibom State with his new song, “Unek Akwa Ibom” as he shares same birth year with Akwa Ibom State is due to release the song 1st September featuring the Akwa Ibom Living Legend Sir Wilker Jackson to commensurate the state’s 33 years’ anniversary.

The song stern’s it’s root from several traditional tribes in Akwa Ibom State.

Unek Akwa Ibom’ when translated to English Language means ‘Akwa Ibom Dance’ which King AD seeks to project across the Globe with the right support and push.

The philosophy behind the song and featuring of the Akwa Ibom living legend Sir Wilker Jackson is to pay indigenous traditional recognition and fuse of lyrical prowess adding more sauce to the affair.

The song is produced by Snowmix of Rainbow Studio who’s birth month and day matches that of Akwa Ibom State



Watch Unek Akwa Ibom Snippet – Studio Dance Video by King AD ft Sirwilker Jackson


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