Throw Back Music: Ikpa Udo – “Ame Nwod” Prod by Otyno

Ikpa Udo puts Ibibio Rap on the map, Born on November 29, 1992, the artiste, who is the last child in the family of three, hails from Akwa Ibom State. “Before I became prominence in the industry, some of my early followers used to call me ‘Indigenous Maliq”, but ‘Íkpa Udo’ seems to have taken a bigger share of my identification in the public sphere,” he explained his nickname. Talking about his kind of song, he describes himself as a weaver of Afro beat, Hip Hop with a fusion of dance. “I can able to rap in my indigenous languages – Efik/Ibibio weaving it stylishly with all manners of contemporary dance beats for it to sit well in the Hip Hop market. This approach to music is what carved my niche despite the growing number of entertainers.”

One of the emerging artistes in Nigeria’s entertainment industry doing the country proud in the area of promoting indigenous contents is Nsidibe Sunday Ukim, a rap artiste with the stage name, Ikpa Udo. Listen to this throw back hit Ame Nwod produced by Otyno Don’t forget to hit Ikpa Udo up on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.



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