Welcome to Tipsy Cowboy

The community of Obio Etoi is experiencing a visible improvement. Quietly located behind Godswill Akpabio International Stadium off Ring road, is an exciting new joint and hangout spot to check out called Tipsy Cowboy
An attractive hangout spot with very nice features, Tipsy Cowboy is a beautiful hideaway place to visit if you like listening to trending music,
watching football matches in an outdoor environment, drinking chilled drinks, chewing and eating something delicious in a place with awesome views,
or if you enjoy peaceful flexing and want a private vip room to do enjoyment with your family or friends. Come and visit Tipsy Cowboy today,
a great improvement to Obio Etoi Community.  Celebrate any occasion or your birthday,
Come visit ASAP Cheers!!! Call 0803 312 9985 @tipsycowboyuyo tipsycowboyuyo@gmail.com.

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