Men Must Have Sex At Least 21 Times Per Month Too Prevent Prostate Cancer (SEE THIS)

Hi guys, good day and welcome to NL Talk Zone! Men must have sex at least 21 times a month to avoid prostate cancer?

Let’s talk about prostate health. I saw this piece somewhere and I decided to share with us here today!

Prostate health is a sensitive and important issue for men around the world. The gland which produces semen is obviously very important but disorders in the area are increasingly common amongst men over 50.

An enlarged prostate can cause urination to be frequent and painful, resulting to a prostate cancer at the end.

How Can This Be Fixed?

Well, sensible things like diet, exercise and regular checkups are the most effective way to keep your prostate healthy. However, a new much more enjoyable method has been discovered by researchers at Harvard University which is regular sex.

In a published journal named European Urology, it is indicated that high levels of sexual activity can reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer.

The study observed the sexual habits of 32,000 men and in conclusion determined that those with a higher rate of ejaculation were less likely to have prostate tumors.

So, how many times should you be ejaculating a month? The panel of researchers believe that 21 will protect you from prostate cancer. During a discussion with Ultimate Health, the experts said:

“Twenty-one ejaculations or more per month can protect you (males) from prostate cancer”.

The study found that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than those that didn’t

Quite why this helps the prostate hasn’t quite been determined yet but scientists have speculated that it may flush toxins out of the system.

Of course, ejaculation alone isn’t going to entirely save your prostate. Experts says that obesity, tobacco, high-fat processed food and heredity are also factors that will lead to prostate cancer so cut those out for your own sake.

Dr. James Balch believes that a good diet is a positive thing to aspire towards when protecting ones prostate.

If a man wants to stay out of the operating room and avoid cancer of the prostate, he needs to go full blast to avoid the high-fat junk foods and environmental toxins that contribute to prostate problems and to start a wise nutritional program that includes the basic supplements that affect the prostate.

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